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Benefits of Outsourcing CG Works To Freelancing 3D Artists

Benefits of Outsourcing CG Works To Freelancing 3D Artists

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May 1st, 2023

Benefits of Outsourcing CG Works To Freelancing 3D Artists

The process of finding talented and reliable candidates for CGI outsourcing is difficult and lengthy. You have to ask around, research an endless number of candidates, create a shortlist, then negotiate safe and appropriate terms for the project. And since you rarely work with the very first candidate to get chosen, the sorting can last forever.

And what makes the process more difficult is that you have to keep up with your own workload too while looking for a rendering partner. In this case, what could simplify your job is a manual on the kind of outsourcing partner you should be on the lookout for.

What kind of partner could help your project more – a freelancing rendering artist or a smaller visualization studio? Making a conscious decision on what kind of service you are looking for can make your search a lot easier.

And who would have more insights into the pros and cons of each, that the world’s biggest 3D rendering marketplace?

For the sake of making your choice easy and fast, we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of working with a freelancing 3D artist. Browse through this list, use it to find the best outsourcer!

Freelancing 3D artists: Pros


This can usually be the main determining factor when making a decision. Freelancing CGI artists usually work cheaper than big architectural studios considering there are fewer costs involved in running the business, however, you can still expect the same, extremely high quality.

Affordability plays a great part in your project if your clients hardly ever ask for photorealistic 3D renders so, you just want a couple of photorealistic images to show while presenting your residential designs for homeowners.

Personal approach

Generally speaking, freelancing architectural rendering artsists only have a couple of clients at a time, due to capacity, so when designing with a freelancer you will get a more personal approach and a more client-focused treatment. This can be extremely useful when you are just getting familiar with the CGI outsourcing world, and you require more attention and guidance to build up a ‘best-practice’ routine for your projects.

Highly Specialized Services

Freelancing CGI experts often focus on one specific niche and become experts of it. Therefore, they might be absolute geniuses in one field but lack experience in others. So, when looking for an artist try to predetermine what kind of expertise your 3D rendering project will require and search for rendering artists that specialize in those fields.

(On 3DAgora you can filter between artists with your specific paraments in mind, and their online portfolios will also help you.)

Freelancing 3D artists: Cons

Now, let's examine the disadvantages of outsourcing to a freelancing 3D visualization expert and why you might benefit from a smaller 3D rendering studio instead.

Limited Range of Expertise

As we have mentioned before, freelancing CGI artists are oftentimes expertise in one or a couple of fields, but as we all know one cannot do it all, so if your architectural rendering project requires a wide range of expertise – like a VR tour, a 3D animation and a 360° view, all in one project, you might have a slight difficulty in finding an artist that excels at all.

However, 3DAgora’s filtering function will aid you through your search process so you might be able to find a multi-talented 3D expert.

Limited Capacity

Sometimes, even if you find the most talented individual, you might have deadlines, assignments and urgent orders that would require a smaller team’s work rather than just one CGI artist. Therefore, individual providers would not be a good choice if your projects are of varying scales, or you need extremely fast execution you might benefit from the services of a small 3D rendering company.

Those are the most important elements to consider when thinking about choosing a provider of CGI outsourcing services for your business. As we have noted it all depends on the nature, the volume, and the urgency of work.

But, on 3DAgora, the world’s first architectural rendering platform, you will be able to find an artist or team your project needs.